VAIN is an interdisciplinary design project by the Helsinki based artist Jimi Vain. What started as a one-man design project back in 2019 has since evolved into a prominent independent fashion label. VAIN and it’s story is a testament to the very nature of what it means to be creative in the Digital Age. Selected high quality materials, subtle cultural references and extreme attention to detail are the defining hallmarks of VAIN. Regardless of its contemporary origins, the values and sentiments behind VAIN are as old and simple as humanity itself. In an evermore technocratic world it’s sometimes easy to forget that what brings us together as humans is the love we have, and VAIN is all about love.

JIMI VAIN is a creative polymath of the post-internet generation. Since 2019 he has been located in Helsinki, Finland, but his origins lie further up North. Jimi’s work is deeply personal. The environment he grew up in, the art he consumes and the people he loves are all sources of inspiration that fuel his creative process. Since relocating to Helsinki he has worked on a number of projects with renowned artists from all over the world and is now releasing his first official collection ASTIGMATISM.

Edited by Pau Kraus in conversation with Jimi Vain and Roope Reinola.