VAIN FW24 Show Notes

Married to the VAIN

Copenhagen, January 30th of 2024 (A love story)

The VAIN FW24 collection reflects on the intricate dance of work and passion, leisure, and daily life, embodying a love story between life and work.

In the fashion industry, due to busy schedules and numerous challenges, it is often difficult to find a balance between work and leisure. It’s a conflict of interest that we grapple with daily. Hard work fueled by pure passion is a beautiful thing. There is a certain level of absurdity to it all, especially in the fashion industry. The paradox and irony of months of intensive work culminating in a brief 15-minute runway show, only to swiftly transition to the next endeavor — the relentless rat race of fashion.

“We have now been in the industry for almost 3 years, gradually getting into the rhythm of fashion. In this time, we have created our own version of the infamous rat race. We live and work from Helsinki which is not a typical fashion capital. It’s a city with a calmer phase where creativity can bloom freely. We also love the idea that we are kind of outsiders. I believe it gives us a more objective perspective on the industry.” says the Creative Director Jimi Vain. 

The collection is heavily inspired by the journey of our brand. We’ve been all around but it's our time to return to the fundamentals, and VAIN is all about love. It has consistently been, and it always will be. It encompasses the affection we share for one another, for this journey, for our planet, for our craft, and for the community around us.

With work life as the broader theme, more concrete inspirations are specifically Helsinki as an environment, Japanese work culture and attire, as well as the 2010 Atlanta trap music era, where rappers used to put out 3-4 mixtapes a year, glamourising work ethic in a way that still resonates with us. Married to the VAIN showcases silhouettes and accessories that blend elements of formal business attire with the comfort of leisurewear, presenting a fusion of sleek, tailored designs and relaxed streetwear. The garments are rich in symbolism and graphics that reflect the so-called rat race. To solidify the commitment to this life, the collection also includes a wedding ring. The predominant color scheme as typical for VAIN is black, accented by glittery and bright elements that pay homage to contemporary trap music aesthetics. The collection features items from the upcoming “VAIN Upcycled” product line and incorporates a wide range of deadstock materials.

To incorporate a soundscape that feels like Helsinki, we commissioned a collection EP, titled From HEL With Love from our friends at label and creative collective BELOW0. The runway music is an extended mix of the 3-song-EP, released on all streaming platforms on 02.02.2024.