ASTIGMATISM SS22 Production countries

Why did we choose China as the main production country for our first collection?

For most people production inside the EU means Quality, and for the most part, it is true. However, for us, producing a small high-quality designer collection in European factories was proved to be challenging.

Our top three key values in production are:
  1. Cutting down overproduction
  2. High quality production and garments
  3. Sustainability and maximizing the life cycle of our products
Cotton & leather products were produced in China, VAIN Graphic T-shirts are screenprinted in Helsinki, Finland, VAIN Silk Mohair Artesanal Knit is made in Finland, VAIN Aluminium Water Bottle is made in Switzerland, our silver Safety Pin Pendant jewelry is made in Finland by Laura Vartio, 50cm .925 silver chains are made in Poland.

It was important for us to avoid overproduction and we knew in advance the quantities we needed. We negotiated with several factories and agents within Europe, but despite the negotiations, most of the factories did not agree to produce reasonable quantities, and those who agreed, did not meet the VAIN quality criteria we have set. After months of searching, we found great factories from China that can produce the high quality that we were looking for with a smaller production volume.

At the end of 2021, we have relocated our production to Europe because we can finally increase production volume enough to work with great local factories. We have now agents in Finland who can manage our production in Baltia, even with the smaller production volume so we don't have to worry about overproduction of our second collection.

If you have any questions about our products you can contact us at: